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ID # 26825919

Versatile HIGH SPEED DISC -Fury R.400

Call for Price
Versatile high speed discs are built to boost productivity without sacrificing seedbed quality or performance. The Fury HS uses an aggressive 20° disc angle and a wide range of working speeds to provide a superior field finish. The disc arm and 10° pitch angle on the Fury R is better suited to rocky conditions. The high speed discs have some of the highest weight-per-foot ratios on the market, ensuring they can handle hard or dense soils. An assortment of blade sizes, disc angles and rear fishing attachments are available to fine-tune the Fury HS and Fury R to specific field conditions.
Sale Type
Blade Spacing
10" with rear blades positioned between front blades so the result is 5" spacing which provides a full cut at 2.5" working depth.
Disc Bearings
Hub 30 bearing, double roller maintenance-free bearings, 4 mounting bolts
Working Depth
8-14 mph (12.5-22.5 km/h)
Finishing Tools
24" Cage Rollers with Solid Bars 21.3" Rubber Rollers
Rock Protection
Each blade is protected by 4 rubber torsion elements which absorb impact and allow the arm to move up/down independently.
Transport Width
11' 10" (3.6 m)
Transport Height
13' 5" (4.1 m)
Drawbar HP Required
8.5-14 hp/ft (20-34 kW/m)
Blade Sizes (optional)
22" x 1/4" (560 x 6.5 mm)
Blade Sizes (standard)
20" x 1/4" (508 x 6.5 mm)
Weight (average Over Options)
834 lb/ft (1,243 kg/m)
Versatile HIGH SPEED DISC Fury R.400 The Nemesis is powered by a reliable Stage V compliant Cummins B6.7 engine that features the latest in diesel technology. The engine is known for maintaining torque for long periods of time and when working through unexpected tough spots in the field. The award-winning Cummins VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) is proven to be one of the most reliable turbo designs in the industry. The optional reversible engine fan results in improved fuel economy and better airflow across the cooling package, reducing horsepower requirements.

The Fury comes factory-ready for the most extreme field residue conditions. The high speed disc is configurable with multiple options to suit any operation.

Working widths:

25', 30', 35' or 40' (7.62, 9.14, 10.67 or 12.19 m)
Disc Blades

22" and 24" (559-610 mm) - Fury HS
20" and 22" (508-559 mm - Fury R
Choice of notched or plain edge
Finishing Tools

Heavy-duty round bar rolling basket
Semi-pneumatic rubber packer with all new heavy-duty scraper
Spring foot packer (Fury HS only)
Hydraulic Upgrade

Hydraulic scraper disengage
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