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Versatile MFWD MODELS 295

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Versatile MFWD tractors are designed to balance power, productivity and performance. The Cummins QSL9 engine is matched to a powershift transmission which offers a wide range of working gears to meet challenging jobs on the farm. Versatile MFWD tractors are available in 275 hp, 295 hp, 315 hp, 335 hp and 365 hp. All MFWD models have premium options such as a 12" touch-screen monitor, dual rotary beacons and new LED lighting packages.
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Cummins QSL9
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The largest cab in the segment provides ample legroom and an unmatched view of the field with over 73 sq. ft. (6.83 sq. m) of window glass. The standard 10" (254 mm) touch-screen monitor supports two external cameras with the optional 12" (305 mm) monitor supporting up to three. Both monitors can be programmed to display key tractor information for quick reference. The monitors and armrest controls seamlessly manage the advanced hydraulic system, auto-shift features and hand throttle.
Versatile MFWD MODELS 295 Packages

Deluxe Cab The Deluxe Cab is a high-end full-featured cab that provides a comfortable working environment for those long days in the field. A semi-active air-ride suspension seat is standard in this configuration. In addition to the connectivity options available in the standard cab, the Deluxe Cab has an 110V AC power outlet and 5V integrated USB port. The Deluxe Cab also comes with a 12” (254 mm) touch-screen monitor, dual rotating beacons, and a cell phone holder.

Versatile MFWD MODELS 295 Monitor

A standard 10" (254 mm) high-resolution monitor supports two external cameras with the optional 12" (305 mm) monitor supporting up to three. Both monitors make for easier viewing of critical functions and operations such as: Hydraulics, 3-Point Hitch, Head Land Managment, Tractor Performance, PTO Settings, Drive Options, Service Information.

Cab Features

  • Operator Seat The operator seat has a 27° swivel range to maximize visibility when towing implements. Air-ride suspension and a heated semi-active seat come standard in the Deluxe Cab. Optional leather seating and steering wheel upgrade is available.
  • Training Seat Turn the training seat into a workstation by folding down the backrest to reveal a surface ideal for a laptop computer. The Deluxe cab features an 110V AC power outlet to ensure that your work is never interrupted by a loss of battery power.
  • Radio A conveniently located stereo and high quality sound system help make long days in the cab more enjoyable. Satellite radio is available.
  • Visibility The largest cab in the segment has an unmatched view of the field with over 73 sq. ft. (6.83 sq. m) of window glass.

CBX Logo Versatile MFWD MODELS 295Analyze data, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with Versatile CBX. Owners can monitor their tractors remotely with real-time results. Information includes where units are, how they are being operated, fuel levels, maintenance alerts and more. Access to this information allows farmers to assess their equipment, plan ahead, and take control of decisions to get the most out of their tractors.

The Versatile CBX system securely shares relevant equipment information. This communication makes it possible for owners and dealers to fully understand issues, be more responsive, and have a clearer picture of machine history. This results in quicker service and solutions - reducing and preventing downtime.


Cummins Logoummins is a market leader in horsepower and torque. The Versatile MFWD tractors are powered by a Cummins QSL9 engine that features the latest in diesel engine technology. Cummins is the exclusive engine supplier across the entire range of Versatile tractors. Engineers from both companies worked together to ensure seamless integration of the engine with the transmission and electronics.

Versatile MFWD MODELS 295 QSL9 The Cummins QSL9 engine combines productivity and power with fuel efficiency. Using Cummins advanced in-cylinder technology, the QSL9 maintains performance, dependability and durability while operating cleanly and efficiently. Advanced electronics enhance engine performance, with better torque and faster throttle response. The Cummins QSL9 is known for its cold start ability and smooth operation, including less engine noise and vibration which means less operator fatigue.

Versatile MFWD MODELS 295 Variable Geometry Turbo The QSL engine features the award winning Cummins Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) for improved fuel economy. The VGT system is proven to be one of the most reliable turbo designs in the industry. The limited moving parts in the turbo system result in improved dependability in the field.


Upshifting and downshifting is as easy as the push of a button. Models are equipped with a 16 x 9 full powershift transmission that has been refined for smooth shifting, particularly when under load. An innovative design that features large helical cut case-hardened gears on roller bearings ensures the operation is durable, smooth and quiet.

Versatile four-wheel drives are equipped with a standard 53 gpm (201 L/min) pump or an optional 106 gpm (401 L/min) high flow pump hydraulic system. The closed center load sensing hydraulic system provides ample capacity for implements that demand high hydraulic flow by providing pressure and flow on demand. When no hydraulic power is required, the system goes into low-pressure standby to conserve energy, providing more power at the drawbar.
  Controls - Finger-tip controls manage the hydraulic functions and hydraulic flow can be increased and decreased using the monitor. Hydraulic settings can be displayed on the monitor for quick reference.

Hydraulic Accessories

  • Power Beyond
  • Additional ¾ low pressure couplers (2 additional)
  • Additional case drain (1 additional)
  • High flow hydraulic system - 106 gpm (401 L/min)

Standard Features

  • Centrally located hydraulic connections
  • Six sets of ½”remote couplers
  • Six flow controls
  • 151 L (40 U.S. gal) reservoir
  • One ½” low pressure case drain
  • One set of ¾” low pressure return couplers
drawbar and axle

Versatile MFWD MODELS 295  Frame & Axle  The Versatile MFWD tractors are designed to be durable and reliable. The frame and hood have been sculpted to improve turning radius and allow for larger tires and more configurations.

The 275, 295 and 315 front axle come standard with a limited-slip differential that automatically increases traction in various ground conditions. When even more traction is required an optional locking differential is available that delivers full power equally to both wheels. The 335 and 365 front axle come standard with suspended differential locking axle.

Efficient speed reduction from the transmission to the ground is achieved using a heavy-duty inboard planetary axle. The inboard planetary axle is driven by a large crown and pinion gear set. The heavy-duty cast iron rear axle housing protects components for years of trouble free operation.

Versatile MFWD MODELS 295 Drawbar The 275, 295 and 315 models come standard with a 1 ½” (38 mm) drawbar pin. The 335 and 365 come with a 2" (51 mm) as standard. A heavy-duty drawbar option is also available on all models.

The drawbar is equipped with an auto hitch pin that will automatically drop in place when hitching up implements. When backing up the tractor to attach an implement, the implement hitch will contact the release strap and the pin then drops automatically into place, without the operator having to leave the cab, or without the need of a second operator.

point hitch and pto

Versatile MFWD MODELS 295 3-Point Hitch Enjoy added flexibility and use a wide range of attachments with the 3-point hitch. The 3-point hitch with draft load sensing on 275, 295 and 315 models maintains a consistent implement depth that is ideal for hard working applications such as tillage. The Category III / IIIN rear 3-point hitch on the 275, 295 and 315 has a lift capacity of 15,000 lb (6,804 kg). The Category IVN / III on the 335 and 365 has a lift capacity of 17,260 lb (7,829 kg).

PTO The fully-independent PTO features multi-plate, bronze friction clutches for smooth, shock free implement starting. All MFWD models come standard with a 1,000 rpm (1 ¾ ", 20 spline) PTO. Available options on the 275, 295 and 315 models include a 1,000 rpm (1 3/8", 21 spline) PTO or a dual speed PTO, 1,000 rpm (1 3/4”, 20 spline) and 540 rpm (1 3/8”, 6 spline). Available options on the 335 and 365 include a 1,000 rpm (1 3/8", 21 spline) PTO.

lighting packages
Versatile MFWD MODELS 295

The MFWD can be customized to meet specific working conditions with a range of available lighting packages. The standard lighting package includes two hood mounted headlights, two front and two rear halogen worklights, four roof mounted worklights and one rear mid worklight that is switch controlled.

Available lighting options include:

  • Deluxe Package Eight LED cab worklights, 18,000 lumens
  • Deluxe Plus Package 12 LED cab work lights, 27,000 lumens
Versatile tractors are designed with easy serviceability in mind because there are never enough hours in the day. Routine service can extend tractor life, minimize downtime and lower operating costs.
Daily Maintenance - Daily and regular maintenance can be completed in a fraction of the time with easily accessible service and sight gauges. The hydraulic and fuel sight gauges are visible from the ground without opening side panels or removing any shields. The gullwing-style side panels open wide to provide excellent service access to all under-hood components.
 Grille Access - The front grille swings open to provide ground-level service access to the condenser and cooler package. The batteries are located behind the grille at ground level. A shut-off switch is standard for safety, winter storage, and to prevent theft. A steel ballast is mounted under the front of the tractor improving service access, visibility and reducing storage size.
Axle Servicing - The Versatile outboard planetary axle system is known for its ease of service. Planetary axle covers can be removed from the tractor without removing the axles or the tires, limiting the time needed for routine maintenance. The gears can be reversed to double the wear life. In addition, daily inspections are easy with a quick visual check of the axle oil level sight gauges.
Oil Filters - The oil filters are conveniently placed for easy access and service.
Fuel Sight Gauge - A full-length fuel sight gauge gives operators a quick view of the fuel level before entering the tractor. The fuel gauge is protected underneath the entrance ladder.
Fueling - Refueling is simple and a crossover tube allows both tanks to be filled quickly. Farmers can work uninterrupted for many hours with large fuel capacities of 300 and 400 U.S. gallons (1,135 and 1,514 L).
Access - A right-hand ladder helps with fueling and provides easy access to the engine air cleaner for quick servicing.
Air Cleaner Assembly - A dry element air filter is easily accessed and removed when it needs to be replaced.

Versatile tractors are well-equipped with the standard features most-requested by farmers. Additional options are available to customize the tractor for the requirements of your farm.


  • Deluxe Cab package
  • Heated and ventilated leather seating
  • Training seat
  • 12" monitor
  • Cell phone holder


  • Eight LED cab work lights, 18,000 lumens
  • 12 LED cab work lights, 27,000 lumens


  • High flow hydraulic system with six remotes - 72 gpm (272 L/min)
  • Set of ¾" low pressure couplers

 Front Axle

  • Difflock
  • Suspended axle with Difflock (standard on the 335 and 365)


  • Heavy-duty fixed drawbar (1½" pin)
  • Heavy-duty fixed drawbar (2" pin) (available on models 275-315)
  • Quick hitch

 Additional Options

  • Universal Auto-Steer
  • Radar
  • Variable pitch reversing engine fan
  • Weight packages
  • Dual rotating beacon
  • Toolbox
  • Front and rear camera
  • Pneumatic trailer brake
  • Factory installed LSW tires
  • ISOBUS ready connection harness
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