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Krone Front-mounted disc mowers EasyCut F

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  • Quick-change blades
  • „SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • „SmartCut: Stripeless cuts from optimum blade overlaps
  • Available conditioner versions: CV version with V steel tines or CR version with polyurethane rollers or M-Rolls
  • „Compact M models
  • „Models with powered top hats
Front-mounted disc mowers EasyCut F
Sale Type
  • Full driveline protection
  • Neighbouring discs will not collide
  • No wear and damage
  • Quick roll pin change, minimum costs
Foreign objects can cause great damage and costly repairs. Not so if the KRONE SafeCut is in place, which allows the discs to move away from obstacles for maximum productivity and comfort. Our DLG award winning disc protection system is a base specification on all EasyCut models.
An ideal system: As the discs are spinning, they place no load on the roll pins, because the bearings are tensioned by a nut and two clamping screws. As a result, the roll pins do not suffer from material fatigue and even after many hours of operation they will break only at their inbuilt load level.EC F R 15 Seite 12 Bild 0003
Peace of mind: Instead of transferring the full shockload to the spur gears, the roll pin in the sprocket driveshaft breaks when there is a momentary overload. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question and the disc moves out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighbouring discs. This way SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighbouring discs. Replacing the roll pin takes a few minutes and is not very costly.EC F R 15 Seite 13 Bild 0001


  • Wedge-shaped cutterbar for cleanest cuts
  • Heavy-duty spur gears run in double bearings which are spaced at wide gaps
  • Swathing or spreading
  • Hard-faced skids
The wedge-shaped cutterbar adjusts through a large setting range to cut short stubble in meadows and pastures and longer stubble in longstemmed field crops. EasyCut cuts blockage-free and clean. Benefitting from massive double spur gear bearings that are spaced at large gaps, the cutterbars are heavy-duty and hardwearing.
Forget about stripes With some discs turning in pairs towards each other and others away from each other, it was necessary to redesign the degree of blade overlap to ensure cleanest cuts. Therefore we increased the overlap between those discs that turn outwards – a modification that leads to stripeless cuts in light and young material. Vice versa, a larger gap between the blades that turn towards each other encourages the smooth flow of large masses to the rear.EC F R 15 Seite 08 Bild 0002
Windrowing: Spinning inwards, the discs feed the material to the middle of the machine to avoid tractor wheels running over the cut crops. With discs spinning in the A sense of rotation, EasyCut R 280 and R 320 form one swath. Whereas EasyCut R 360 forms two swaths with its discs also spinning in the A sense of rotation.EC F R 15 Seite 09 Bild 0002
Spreading across the full width: The EasyCut models, with discs spinning in the ‘B’ sense of rotation, spread the material across the machine width. All discs spin in pairs. Material that is spread across the full machine width will dry faster and more evenly.EC F R 15 Seite 09 Bild 0001


easycut f
  • Powered top hats windrow the material for the tractor to straddle it
  • Uniform windrow presentation
  • A continuous and consistent crop flow
The KRONE EasyCut F 280 and F 320 stand out for their massive top hats which mount behind the discs on either end of the cutterbar. Driven from within the cutterbar, they provide a consistent flow of crop to the centre of the machine so that the tractor wheels will not run on the fluffy swath and the harvester will pick up the material without losses.
Powered top hats: With all discs turning towards the middle on the EasyCut F 280 and F 320 models, they automatically feed the cut material to the middle whilst the powered top hats control the fl ow to the rear. It is down to their high feed capacity that the material is presented in uniform windrows, even on the slope.EC F R 15 Seite 39 Bild 0002
Narrow windrows: EasyCut F 320 can take taller top hats which are bolted to the smaller standard-fit hats on the inside. The taller hats reduce the windrow width by another 40 cm (1'4") for narrow tractors to straddle them.EC F R 15 Seite 39 Bild 0003
Want wider windrows? Our EasyCut F 320 models feature small inner hats along with the tall hats – an ideal configuration when matching up with a wide spreading rear mower.EC F R 15 Seite 39 Bild 0004
A perfect system: EasyCut F 280 and F 320 are mowers that adapt to any type of ground contours – in and across the direction of travel. The pushed design allows for plenty of up and down travel – the ideal design for rough terrain. In addition, the compact build offers an excellent overview in the field and an excellent transport stability for safe travel on public roads. As it mounts close to the tractor, the linkage travels through a smaller angle and less strain is put on the driveshaft.EC F R 15 Seite 40 Bild 0002
A good follower Pivoting through a large 40 cm (1'3'') range, these disc mowers follow any ground contour, produce clean forage and leave a healthy sward.EC F R 15 Seite 42 Bild 0002
Protection all-round: Rubber strips grab the edge of the side and front guards to serve as bumpers and reduce collision damage and preserve the machine’s value. V9H8112


  • Ideally suited for compact tractors and work in mountain regions
  • Low dead weight, little weight on the front axle
  • Compact build, excellent handling
  • Pivoting centre-of-gravity suspension System
Mountain farming is a particular challenge to man and machine. The front-mounted 2.73 m (8’11") EasyCut F 280 M, the 3.16 m (10'4") F 320 M, and the 3.60 m (11'9") F 360 M disc mowers are the ideal machines to take on the challenge, boasting a compact design, a centre of gravity close to the tractor, perfect cuts on steep slopes and good attachment options to light-weight and very compact mountain tractors. The EasyCut 360 M model is the ideal machine for huge track widths and offers generous overlap in combination with rear mowers.
Perfect ground hugging: The pushing suspension design provides a generous vertical travel and combines with long skids and an optional telescoping top link to provide optimum ground hugging in every way. Mounted extremely close to the tractor, the mower travels very little when gliding over undulations. The design reduces wear on the driveshaft and enhances operator overview.EC F R 15 Seite 34 Bild 0002
Generous up and down travel: With each end pivoting through 30 cm (1'), EasyCut F 280 M and F 320 M guarantee cleanest cuts in undulating terrain and a well protected sward.EC F R 15 Seite 35 Bild 0004
Centre-of-gravity suspension: The front mowers EasyCut F 280 M, F 320 M and F 360 M are not suspended in their mid-point but in their centre of gravity – a design that distributes the pressure uniformly across the entire work width and leads to cleanest cuts.EC F R 15 Seite 35 Bild 0002
Compact transport position: The guard ends on EasyCut F 280 M and F 320 M front fold back to bring the transport width down to 3.00 m (9'10''). They can also fold hydraulically as an option. EasyCut 360 M has transport width of 3.45 m (11'4").EC F R 15 Seite 37 Bild 0004


  • Work width: 3.16 m
  • PUSH-type or PULL-type cutterbar
  • Choose between aggressive steel tines or chevron-profiled rollers for intensive treatment
The front mowers F 320 CV with tine conditioner and F 320 CR with roller conditioner are specialists that warrant high-quality forage. Featuring either a large 64 cm diameter tined rotor or two 25 cm conditioning rollers, these mowers are the pros that deliver high-quality forage and best conditioning even in high-yielding crops.Krone Front mounted disc mowers EasyCut F

With no A-frame required, there is plenty of space around the headstock. The pushed design makes for a very compact machine, reduces weight and is gentler on the turf. The transverse pivoting action is provided by the tractor’s link arms. The pulled version has the suspension springs integrated in the machine’s suspension system. The tension of the two springs is controlled from one single crank.

Krone Front mounted disc mowers EasyCut F

The pulled headstock design allows the machine to break back and up through a larger angle, hence making it more suitable for operation in rolling land.

The pulled headstock has a hydraulic cylinder that raises the mower extra high, providing plenty of ground clearance in any type of terrain. This means there is plenty of clearance for butterfly combinations to handle high-volume swaths on the headland.

Each end of the guard can be folded back to bring transport width down to 3 m. This can also be done hydraulically from the tractor as an option.

  • 3.60 m (11'10") work width, 3.45 m (11'4") transport width
  • Choose between aggressive steel tines or chevron-profiled rollers for intensive treatment
  • Pushed or pulled design

The KRONE EasyCut F 360 CV and CR front mowers can have a pushed or pulled cutterbar. Working at a width of 3.60 m, the machine suits wide tractors with oversize tyres. More generous overlaps within the combination result in clean cuts on slopes and in curves and make for larger work widths in general.

Krone Front mounted disc mowers EasyCut F

The KRONE EasyCut F 360 CV and CR front mowers can have a pull-type suspension. This allows the mower to break back and up for added protection from foreign objects.

The floating EasyCut F 360 CV and F 360 CR in pulled configuration are compact and slim machines that provide excellent visibility. These machines impress by a low dead weight and cleanest cuts.

Adjustable springs optimize the ground pressure and allow the machine to float. A telescoping top link is available to deliver perfect cuts in undulating terrain.

the cutterbar
  • Fully welded: Robust, sealed and permanently lubricated
  • The durable satellite drives have massive spur gears for quiet running and superior efficiency
  • No inner shoe for trouble-free cutting

The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar meets the highest quality standards and operates dependably and leak-free over many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears impress by very quiet and reliable running in sustained peak-load operation.

Krone Front mounted disc mowers EasyCut F

Using welding robots and CNC technology, KRONE manufactures its cutterbars to the highest quality standards, ensuring they are fully welded and permanently lubricated. After all, the cutterbar is the heart of every disc mower.

The KRONE developed satellite driveline comprises massive spur gears with up to 66 teeth which transfer the power all the way down to the very last disc. The large-diameter gears rotate at reduced speeds, with a higher number of teeth meshing with the neighbouring gearwheels for even quieter running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. The auxiliary gears drive one disc each and as a result are exposed to only minimum loading.

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