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Sunflower’s 9421 two-section grain drill sports a narrow transport width compared to wide, rigid, mounted designs that are difficult to move between fields. Keeping the operator in mind, Sunflower’s two-section series provides valuable flexibility both during transport and in the field. The "in-line" 3-bushel-per-foot grain boxes facilitate seed filling and align the openers for superior control, resulting in uniform seed placement. All Sunflower multi-purpose drills feature a full 8 inches of front to rear stagger between opener units. The Sunflower 9421 is an economical alternative to a higher priced split-row planter.

Sale Type
Model Working width ft (m) Transport width ft (m) Total hopper capacity bu (L) Weight w/ 7.5” row spacing lbs (kg) Power requirements
9421-20 20 (6.1) 13.92 (4.25) 60 (2,114) 11,300 (6,011.6) 5 to 10 hp/ft at seeding depth
9421-25 25 (7.6) 13.92 (4.25) 75 (2,642.5) 13,450 (7,155.4) 5 to 10 hp/ft at seeding depth
9421-30 30 (9.14) 13.92 (4.25) 90 (3,171) 15,610 (8,304.5) 5 to 10 hp/ft at seeding depth





  • Simple fold system, no electrical switches

  • 2-section design allows center flexibility and a narrow transport width

  • All-purpose opener designed for no-till through conventional seeding applications

  • Nylon seed cups with six internal flutes accurately meter a wide variety of seeds without seed damage

  • Low profile seed boxes feature a seed capacity of 3 bushel per foot with new wider lids

  • Drive mechanism features maintenance free sprockets,#50 chain, and spring loaded drive wheels to ensure constant soil contact and accurate seed metering

  • Non-skid, perforated walk boards equipped with heavy duty ladders

  • Tractor draw bar mount design

view grain drill features

Extra Heavy FramesExtra Heavy Frames

Heavy duty 3/8" thick 7" x 7" main frames are coupled to a 3/8" thick 3" x 5" opener frame to create a sound foundation for all Sunflower grain drills.

9300, 9400, 9500, 9600 series drills

All Purpose “Heads Up Opener Extra Heavy Frames

All-purpose openers feature wide set 1/2” parallel links for better depth control and “dead on accuracy” in seed placement. Two 400lb. retention springs can generate 420+lbs at the pinch point of the opener blade! Down pressures can be easily adjusted from no-till to conventional seeding without the need of tools. 15” diameter x 3.5mm “Heads Up Opener Blades” eliminate pairing of rows, premature leading blade wear and side loading of bearings.

9300, 9400, and 9500 series drills

Conventional Opener Conventional Opener


The single arm mount conventional openers are mounted at an 8-inch stagger to promote residue flow through the seeding system. The single point mount bearing is protect by UHMW bearings to prevent wear and reduce service time. The pneumatic down pressure system maintains an even down pressure on all row units and eliminates the down pressure spikes that occur with spring activated down pressure systems.

9600 series drills

Seed Hoppers Seed Hoppers

The all-welded seed hoppers are constructed of heavy 16-gauge steel with 3/16" thick end plates. The bolt-in hopper bottoms allow multiple row spacing using the same hopper.

9300 series (2.4 bu.), 9421 & 9600 (3.0 bu.) series, 9400 & 9500 series (3.75 bu.)

Seed Meters & Adjustments Seed Meters & Adjustments

The infinitely variable meters are very gentle on seeds and provide a continuous flow of material, unlike fluted meters that drop seed in groups. This design has a better singulation effect than dumping small groups of seed (as in fluted meter operations). Rates are easily changed with a lever adjustment system on each hopper system. A small-seeds (legume) seeding hopper can be added to all models.

Seed Meter: All models.
Adjustment Lever: 9435, 9531, 9600 series

Walk Boards Walk Boards

Sunflower 9000 Series drills feature an automatically locking walk board. Lift the walk board to the raised position and the lock will engage. The walk board is deep and the ladder folds over rather than under it. Attached to the ladder mount is a folding handle to assist the operator in mounting the walk board.

Walk Boards: All models.
Assist Handle: 9435, 9531, 9600 series